With the strategic goal to ensure a constant source of high quality raw material, which is certainly free of forbidden pesticides, we started planting our own orchards in 2012. Increasing the surface from year to year, together with our cooperators, Strela now disposes with 250 ha of orchards, all Global GAP and GRASP certified. 

Planting, tree forming, watering, plant protection and everything else is done by professional staff and according to advices of serbian and foreign experts. 



area  50 ha

Plums - Cacanska rodna, Cacanska lepotica, Stanley, Katinka, Azura (Blue Frost), Top five, Mirabelle, Haroma, Presenta – 50 ha 

Our plum orchards are located on two different locations close to the city of Leskovac, on the surface of 50 ha in total. 

The plums from our orchards are primarily going to the fresh market, but for the industry as well, and are accordingly planted and formed. The orchards are under automatic watering-system, which enables us to provide our plants always enough food for proper development. 

Through the cooperation with the German producer of plum varieties, Strela is the first and the only licenced importer of several varieties such as Katinka, Top five, Azura, Mirabelle, Haroma and Presenta. Because of their different time of ripening, these varieties enable us a longer harvest season. Furthermore, we are planning on forming a sample field where regional experts could do research with the aim of regional development on that field.